Friday, December 17, 2010

21st YouTube Movie Posted--the Road to Heraclea

(Image:  Pyrrhus' campaign in southern Italy and Sicily)

Back in May, I managed to attend the last day of NHMGS (Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society) Enfilade 2010 Convention.  I lucked out and snagged a spot for the Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) game my friends Adrian and Dean were running.  Their scenario:  The Battle of Heraclea, 280 B.C.

I took over 200 photos of our battle, which will be the subject of my next movie.  While researching the background of this battle, I became fascinated by Pyrrhus' campaign in southern Italy, because I knew very little about it.  So I decided to making a "prequel" would be a good way to show how and why Rome and Epirus (northwestern Greece) came to blows.

Wikipedia provided a general overview of the campaign:

To illustrate the course of the events, I used the game Rise of the Roman Republic, by GMT Games. (Pyrrhus' campaign is one of the scenarios).

The Road to Heraclea--The Movie:

WAB, produced by Games Workshop (GW), is a popular rules set among miniature wargamers.  Jeff Jonas wrote a Heraclea scenario based on WAB, along with a short narrative of the historical battle, and posted it on his blog:

Richard Evers, another WAB enthusiast, used Jeff's scenario and played a game of his own.  His battle report can be read on his website:

What was the outcome of our battle?  Stay tuned to find out...

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