Monday, November 1, 2010

Redshift Chronicles: News Brief #4, The Bantha-Gabaki Trade War

Stardate: Thirday, 032-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau

Subsector: Shannekam

Bongolaan Declares a Trade War against Tarsus

Five days ago, the Bongolaanian Ministry of Intersellar Affairs declared a trade war to be in effect between the Peoples Democratic Republic of Bongolaan, the newest member-state of the Fel Empire, and the fringe world of Tarsus. 

All Tarsan-registered vessels will be considered pirate ships and will be pursued by forces protecting Bongolaanian interests. 

Following-up the Ministry of Intersellar Affairs, the Bongolaanian Ministry of Justice declared all Tarsan bantha-beef to be considered contraband.  Individuals transporting Tarsan foodstuffs will be apprehended and detained as smugglers.  The transportation of illegal goods is considered a major felony and convicted smugglers could face a 5,000 CR fine and/or 5 years incarceration for their first offense.

Non-Tarsan starships transporting enemy bantha-beef will be impounded until the sentence is fulfilled and fines are paid.

Bounties posted against known smugglers conducting operations against the People's Democratic Republic of Bongolaan will start at 7,000 CR.

In retaliation, the Tarsan Commission of Trade and Finance declared all Bongolaanian gabaki products to be contraband.  The penalties for importing Bongolaanian gabaki will be similar to those listed above.

The Bongolaanian declaration of trade warfare came as a result of the Tarsan plebiscite on 022-130 ABY, regarding Bongolaan's demands for reparations and the extradition of former President-for-Life Bharzi; along with any known associates.  Tarsus, a participatory democracy with 27,175,000 registered voters, decided the following issues:

1. Should Tarsus pay the 2,218,800 CR reparations demanded by Bongolaan?

An overwhelming 90% (24,457,500) voted no, while 8% (2,174,000) voted yes, with 2% (543,500) abstaining.

2. Should the former President-for-Life, Zeveg Bharzi, be extradited to Bongolaan?

A mere 55% (14,946,250) voted no, while 29% (7,780,750) voted yes, with 16% (4,348,000) abstaining.

3. Should any of Bharzi's associates and/or crew of the Aimless Drifter be extradited to Bongolaan?

A clear majority of 69% (18,750,750) voted no, while 19% (5,163,250) voted yes, with 22% (5,978500) abstaining.

Yesterday, the Tarsan Commission of Justice destroyed the 82 tons of Bongolaanian gabaki carried on board the Aimless Drifter

Before the gabaki fires burned themselves out, an anonymous source reported the Tarsan Commission of Intersellar Relations (CIR) was relieved to hear that Imperial forces will most likely not involve themselves in the Tarsan-Bongolaanian Trade Dispute.  Apparently the CIR received a terse communique from the Office of Valeska Hallard, Grand Moff of the Geonosis Subsector, stating:  

"While Bongolaan is now part of the Fel Empire, the Imperial Government does not concern itself with the affairs of individual planets--for the time being."

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