Monday, November 2, 2009

Age-of-Sail Epics

A couple of weeks ago I managed to steal some time and sit down with a friend to play "Flying Colors" by GMT Games. This product deals with fleet actions during the latter days of the Age-of-Sail, specifically from 1750--1815.

Since this was our first time playing this game we chose a two ship-to-ship duels.

Scenario 18.13, Goza de Candia, is based on the fight between HMS Leander (a British 50-gun ship-of-the-line) and the French warship Genereux (74-guns):

Scenario 18.11, Bec du Raz, is based on a fight between two evenly matched opponents, HMS Mars and the French Hercule (both 74-guns):

While miniatures are more visually appealing and are more popular with the You Tube audience, I still like producing boardgame movies. These films give me the practice I need while waiting for the next scenic miniatures event.

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