Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of Ear Worms & Brain Itches...

...Sounds like parasites an intergalactic villain uses to torture his prisoners.

Well, almost.

A "brain itch" is when you can't get a song--especially a bad one--out of your mind. While an "earworm" is the process in which the song bores into your brain. Believe it or not, someone is doing a study on this!

Pictured here are Aly and AJ, two sister-musicians who're also fans of the video games Guitar Hero and Rockband. In the photo shoot, they're displaying signature "girlie guitars" for the game.

And what do these two have to do with Brain Itches? Nothing really. Other than they're more visually appealing than the usual photos of scraggly-looking, drug-addled rockers I found on line.

In case you want to know what the Top 10 Brain Itches are:

But be careful! You may develop a Brain Itch!

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