Saturday, January 24, 2009

Movie Review: the ONION Movie

I've laughed at many articles posted on the ONION: America's Finest News Source. In fact I posted one such article on 03 Dec 08. (See the Humor Section). But I haven't laughed at every article posted on their website. It's hard to be funny all the time and even harder to translate humor from one medium to another.

This is the case for the ONION Movie. The comedic vignettes in this film range from stupid, lame, mildly amusing, hilarious to offensive. What you find funny depends on your brand of humor.

The scenes often seem disconnected but there is a plot current running through most of them: A veteran news anchorman becomes increasingly angry over the corporate sponsors commercialization of the news broadcasts. Towards the end, the characters in several of the scenes end up watching their televisions as the finale unfolds at the news station.

I rate this a 3-star movie, because I did find portions of the film to be very funny: Steven Segal parody's himself, while a Brittney Spears-type of singer is the subject of some interviews regarding her hyper-sexually charged performances.

So if you rent or buy this with low to medium expectations you won't feel you've wasted an hour and a half of your life that you'll never get back again.

I needed the laugh and this film fit the bill.

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