Friday, March 10, 2017

Emerald City Comicon 2017: Part 3, The Cosplayers

(Dr. Jones, I presume?)
I use to dress like Indiana Jones.  I still have my outfit, similar to the cosplayer pictured above.  We both agreed the "Indy look" is better with the leather jacket.  More often than not though, it's way too hot to wear, unless it's some con-at-the park in late fall.

Plus I'm often lugging a non-vintage backpack stuffed with "con survival gear."

I still have my basic Indiana Jones outfit.  I'll probably wear it again, maybe in time for the upcoming fifth film, once I acquire some vintage-looking accessories that don't disrupt the look of the costume.

But, until Indy-5 hits the theaters, I'll continue attending cons in my "lazy man's Punisher" outfit.

(Image:  Me at the CBC4C booth during last year's JCCS)
One group of cosplayers dressed as DC Comics heroes and villains asked me to pose with them.  Since I was sort-of dressed as a Marvel Comics, you could say we formed our own crossover photo.

Otherwise, because of the time-crunch I've mentioned in the previous ECCC posts, I felt camera shy and didn't take any selfies with cosplayers or artists.

Maybe it was my own imagination, but I got the impression some (many?/all?) of my fellow attendees felt as rushed as I did and weren't in the mood to be waylaid by a pesky amateur photographer.

Whether this is true or not, I only took a handful of photos during my fly-by.

Here's my Cast of Cosplayers (most with character links below the images):

(Image:  Rorschach)
I actually saw two Rorschach's.  One was taller and thinner than the one I took a picture of.

(Image:  Rocketeer)
(Image:  Spider-Man (Miles_Morales))
(Image:  Captain Jack Sparrow)
There were even some non-human cosplayers...

(Image:  An approaching Dalek--"EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!")
(Image:  Ghostbusters answering the call)
(Image:  CatwomanBatgirl, and Black Cat)
(Image:  Ladybug minus her Cat Noir friend)
Before I come to the last cosplayer I accosted snapped a photo of, I want to point out something I noticed during my short stay at this year's ECCC.

This was the first time I noticed couples consisting of a cosplay gal with a non-cosplaying guy.  I'm under the possibly false impression this usually isn't the case.  Prior to this con I've seen couples where both or neither are cosplayers; or the guy's in costume while the gal isn't.

Now I'm not saying this is a sudden phenomena, just the first time I truly noticed it.  And I'm sure there's all sorts of logical explanations for this, including my imagination.

I wanted to take pictures of some of these coupled, cosplaying women but felt reluctant to do so.

It seemed as if these guys were with were either:

a). Stoically supporting their sweetheart's hobby, or

b). Felt like they were being dragged through every women's apparel shop in the Mall of America, while the Big Game was being televised.

Since I couldn't tell, I didn't want to disrupt any delicate dynamic--even if I was imagining the whole thing.

I did make one exception though.

As I rounded a remote corner of Artist Alley, I nearly collided with Lady Punisher and her non-cosplaying boyfriend (husband?).  Since we were dressed alike, it was easy for me to break the ice and ask if she wouldn't mind posing for me.

I was tempted to overcome my camera shyness and get a picture of he both of us, but I didn't want to "overstay my welcome."

So that's it folks, a short & sweet synopsis of my partial day at the 15th Anniversary of the Emerald City Comicon.

Thank you to all the cosplayers for your patience while allowing me to photograph you.  Best wishes to you in all your cosplay activities and convention ventures.


DeanM said...

Nice pics, Ted. I guess cosplayers aren't camera shy

Ted Henkle said...

No they're not. They often try to get into character too.