Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pigsty or Hill Fort?

I found several of these pieces at one end of Monday Knight Productions' 6 millimeter (mm) figures on display during the final hours of Enfilade! 
Or at least I thought they were among the 6mm figures.  I didn't have my reading glasses on and I assumed they were medieval hill forts. 
When I started painting them, while wearing my reading glasses and using a stand-up magnifying glass, I began to wonder if they were any type of fortification at all. 
As I applied the burnt umber for natural wood, light brown for cut, or trimmed wood, and with a final splash of brown wash, these pieces began to look more like animal pens than defensive positions.
What compounded this mystery was I couldn't find the exact model on any of their website pages.  While this is most likely due to "operator error," the closest link I could find was to 28mm, Dark Ages pigpen
The pieces I have, however, are smaller and cost half as much as the pigpens listed.
Anyway, at 6mm along with aging eyesight, who's to say a pigsty can't fill-in for a hasty defensive position.
Besides, in light of this past Veterans Day, many combat veterans would probably tell you they're one in the same.

Another thing I finally got around to noticing was that three of my pieces were identical.  So instead of dousing them grass flocking, I made one with autumn foliage and the third with winter snow.
For the dirt and gravel, I used Gale Force Nine's fine gravel flock, which still looks large when used for 6mm figures.
Here's what one of them looks like place in front of a back drop:

A close-up of Fort Pigsty:

A company of men-at-arms, (circa 13th Century I think), approach Fort Pigsty:

Fort Pigsty's new garrison: 

A garrison close-up:

 Well, no matter what these pieces are really suppose to be, I enjoyed painting and flocking them and like how they turned out.
An aside note: 
For the past several posts, Blogger has been aligning my posts in the center.  No matter how many times I go back to a post and re-align it to the left margin, once I hit Save and Publish, the site re-re-aligns my work back to the center.
At this point I don't know what's causing it, or how to correct it.
I apologize if you find my center-aligned posts annoying
I certainly do.


Edwin King said...

I think if anyone asks awkward questions, you can call it a 'ring enclosure' :)

Ted Henkle said...

I like that! Thank you Edwin!