Friday, June 13, 2014

New Webcomic: The Chronicles of Culhwch y Drewllyd

A couple weeks ago I was preparing my Welsh warband for Enfilade!.  Since then, I've been in the throes of post-convention projects.  And so far, I've managed to complete only one:

This is a 19-page webcomic I conjured-up and loosely based on my participation in the convention's SAGA tournament. (The comic can also be viewed under the Studio Pages tab). 

To round-out the story, I included some photos from other sites.  So the last page of the comic is something of a bibliography, identifying which images I hijacked imported and where I stole acquired them from.  

I've been reading Angus Konstam's Edinburgh-Orkney Wargames Journal for a few years now.  I stumbled across his photo of a SAGA game at the Claymore Wargames Show, which I was awesome looking.  I colored in some smoke and flames, and then used an "ink sketch" program to make it look like I actually drew the picture.

I also found a fairly new wargame blog, specializing in medieval warfare:  Sea Kings and Horse Warriors. The author, A. Hughes is an excellent painter and assembles some nice little dioramas.  The picture of King Gruffud ap Cynan came in real handy for the Welsh king in my story.

When I'm not stealing other people's work, I have more than enough projects of my own to keep me busy. This year's Enfilade Aftermath To-Do List consists of:

--An actual SAGA battle report about the tournament, along with a tournament overview.

--A battle report on a 6mm Napoleonic wargame I took part in.

--An Enfilade 2014 YouTube Video.

Because of my work schedule, I only attended a portion of this year's Enfilade.  I did a "fly by" on Friday afternoon, played in two games, and finally I did my walkabout before I left on Saturday afternoon.  So for Enfilade 2014: The Movie, nearly all my photos will be of the events held on that day.

Once I clear the decks of these projects, then it's on to my big on-going project:

My Star Wars webcomic, Breakout from Bongolaan.

It's been nearly four months since I posted Chapter 8, and I've been anxious to resume my work on it.  This past week, I managed to do a major photo shoot, which should give me the material I need for Chapter 9 and maybe even Chapter 10.

In the meantime, enjoy mis-adventures of Culhwch!

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