Thursday, April 3, 2014

All Ist Klar, Herr Kommissar!

Now that I'm finished reading the Warhammer 40k rulebooks, I've started on the "Codex" books.  These are supplements pertaining to specific races, or units in the 41st Millennium.

The other day I heard Der Kommissar by After the Fire on the radio the other day.  Now that I'm immersing myself in the 40k 'verse it was easy for me to associate the song with emperor's minions.

The creator of this demotivational poster, found on the Warhammer Empire Forum, must have had the song in mind too.


ColKillgore said...

Which edition 40k books are you reading?


Ted Henkle said...

WH40k is currently on it's 6th Edition. I picked up the 4th Edition at Half-Price Books. My daughter's friend bought the 5ht Edition core rulebook. I'm currently reading through some of the pre-6th edition codexes.