Monday, March 3, 2014

Battles of Westeros Review - Starlit Citadel Reviews Season 2

Well, I finally figured out how to work around the browser crashing issue.  Instead of trying to add/edit on Blogspot, do it while on YouTube.  The drawback is--I have a limited number of options available to me, like labels, that I can do.

Anyway, here are some pictures and two very short after action reviews of two Battles of Westeros games my friend Joe and I played a couple of years ago.

The initial deployment of the Clash on Kingsroad:

In the end, the Stark forces managed to fight their way across the ford:

We then played the next scenario, Paying the Piper...

...which didn't go as well for the Starks as the Battle of Kingsroad did:

The Starks only managed to seize one strategic objective--one of three fords--while the Lannisters grabbed three out of four key terrain features belonging to the Starks.

Overall, Battles of Westeros is a fun miniature-boardgame hybrid.  The dice rolling to determine how many and what type of orders you get can be both fun and frustrating.

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