Thursday, July 11, 2013

Program Review: The Big Bang Theory, Seasons 1-5

This is more a personal reflection than a program review.
My wife Janet and I finally finished watching Seasons 1-5 of The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) from her DVD collection.  We haven't seen any episodes of Season 6 yet and are waiting for that DVD to be released. 
Ever since Janet and I started dating we've been intermittently watching the show at the rate of 1-2 episodes per viewing night.  We love the show--but from two opposing perspectives.
As a kid, I was interested in science, especially ArchaeologyPaleontology and Geology.  In addition to my pre-teen interest in science, I've loved Science Fiction and Fantasy for as long as I can remember. Then during testosterone surge of the teen years that warped my brain altered my thinking, I became passionate about Military History--and my brother Terry bought me my first wargame.
My journey to "the Dark Side" made a quantum leap--and hasn't showed any signs of slowing down yet.
Janet on the other hand, has always been interested in Criminal Justice and loves crime dramas.  Normally, she's not interested in flights-of-fancy fiction--let alone indulging in the fandom that often erupts over shows, ranging from Star Trek (the Original Series) to Doctor Who--and beyond.
Then she met me. 
Since we've been together, Janet's been to comic book stores, game stores and even attended the Emerald City Comicon a few months ago.
In short, we're about as close to a Penny & Leonard relationship as we could be.  Fortunately, without all the on-again/off-again melodrama.
I often tease Janet by asking her:  Did you ever think, in your wildest dreams, that some moments of your life would be like an episode of The Big Bang Theory?
Talk about Life imitating art.
So, because of my romance with Janet, the 5-star rating I'd give each of the five seasons we've seen, shouldn't be considered unbiased.
The show just wrapped-up it's 6th Season, which will be released on DVD, September 10th, 2013.  In the meantime, you can watch re-runs on TBS.
However, despite TBS's "very funny" slogan, not everyone likes TBBT.  The 1-star ratings on TBBT's 1st Season range from complaints about the quality of the DVDs to outrage over the insulting portrayal of scientists and engineers.
The gripes about caricaturization aren't without merit. But TBBT isn't the only show that's "gotten it wrong" about various professions.  Nearly all of us ex-military types rarely like Hollywood's portrayal of our fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines--even spouses.  (I'd write an all-out tirade against the show Army Wives, but instead here's a kinder/gentler critique of the program).
I guess it's a matter of what you're sensitive to and whether or not you enjoy having your profession, faith, interests and hobbies--anything you hold dear--subjected to everything from gentle ribbing to full-blown ridicule.
Or, as Sheldon would say...

Despite the criticisms, TBBT is a pop-culture sensation that's helping to turn geekdom into mainstream.  It spawned it's own wiki and a plethora of fan art, like this from Kinkei...
So grab your toy lightsaber, don your favorite superhero costume and enjoy the show!

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