Friday, July 5, 2013

Hometown Comic & Game Store's Anniversary Sale

A couple of days ago, I received the following e-mail from Fat Cat Comics:

Fat Cat Comics is celebrating their 37th Anniversary with a big sale.
The sale starts this Saturday, July 6th and ends July 13th. Almost everything is on sale for 20% off and there is a group of items at 50 to 75% off.
Sign up to win a prize. Hope to see you there.

Too bad I'm 3000 miles away.

Yeah, I know I could call-in, or e-mail an order.  But it just isn't the same as being there.  Besides, I won't be able to win a door prize.

Back in the Dim Ages--you know--the era before the creation of the internet and online shopping--Fat Cat Books, as it was known then, was the only place we could go to buy games right off the shelf. 

And for the geeky/nerdy inhabitants of the Triple Cities (Binghamton, Endicott and Johnson City), it still is.  One of my sisters and I make it a point to check out the store any time we visit our hometown.

So if you're in the area, be sure to take advantage of the sale!

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