Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturday Double Feature Movie Review: Iron Sky and No Country For Old Men

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be," said my friend Joe after we finished watching Iron Sky
No it wasn't.  But it certainly wasn't as good as it could have been either. 
This Finnish production is available on DVD in the US and actually averages a 3.5 star rating, out of 5 stars.  The special effects are very good, but as to the rest of the film, I guess that depends not only on your taste in movies, but in your political beliefs as well.  (The movie paints American conservative leaders, which includes a Sarah Palin caricature as president, in a bad light). 
But even those who aren't card-carrying members of the Republican Party, or Tea Party, didn't care for the film either. Feelings ranged from the plot not measuring up to the trailer's premise, to being outright dumb. 
At least it was better than movies made by the SyFy Channel and I didn't pay a bunch of money to see this at the multiplex, nor did I buy the DVD.  So I'll give the Finnish flick 3 stars.
So if you don't want to waste your time and nearly two hours of your life, here's the plot synopsis, along with production info.  And if you're an Iron Sky fan, here's the official movie site.
(I guess this is the closest thing to the Oval Office they could find in Finland) 
Well that was the first movie Joe and I watched.  We managed to find time in our busy schedules, prior to our upcoming weddings, to get together for a Saturday "bachelor party for two."  After watching a couple of episodes of Archer, Joe plugged in No Country For Old Men
For an Academy Award winner, this movie averaged only 0.2 stars on above Iron Sky.  A lot of the 1-star grievances are on the quality of the DVD/Blu Ray disc. 
But not all of them. 
There are plenty of complaints about the plot itself.  The biggest gripe--including mine--is about the "non-ending ending."  After sitting through two hours of a thriller/caper--that doesn't end well for anyone--the movie screeches to a halt with no resolution--good or bad.
True, there are plenty of folks who love this movie, giving it 436 x 5-star reviews and 152 x 4-stars, respectively. 

I'm not one of them.

Each scene in the movie, is indeed, well crafted and acted; not only by the big-named stars, but by the minor characters as well.  The screenwriter also did a great job of introducing characters with little or no backstory, while maintaining the intensity of the drama.  However, there's no synergistic effect.  The movie as a whole does not even equal, let alone exceed, the sum of it's parts. 

I enjoyed spending a Saturday with a close friend I rarely get to see.  This, along with not paying big bucks to see the film while it was on the silver screen, or buy the DVD, I'm feeling generous and give this flick 3-stars. 

If you like movies with a happy ending or even a satisfying one, then No Country for Old Men is not for you.

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