Monday, July 5, 2010

Timeless Confrontations

With two sections of my terraformed terrain boards complete, I thought I'd see how some of my 6mm figures looked on them. 

Pictured above are warbands of Normans and Saxons, on the near and far shore respectively, face-off against each other across a bridge. The figures, I believe, are from Heroics and Ros, which I bought in Germany back in the '90s.

The bridge is from JR Miniatures, while the thatched-roof hovels are cardboard models downloaded from Eric Hotz's Roman Seas

Skipping several centuries, pictured below, we find a column of American M4 Sherman tanks approaching a German defensive position:

The American tanks, German infantry and 8.8 cm FlaK gun are from GHQ; the cobblestone square is from JR Miniatures; while the burned-out buildings and the fortifications, are from Scott Washburn's Paper Terrain.  Below is a close-up of the advancing Sherman platoon:

A close-up of the town and defending German infantry:

While in the not-so distant future, a column of New Anglican Confederation (NAC) tanks attempt to secure a power plant currently defended by power-armored infantry and combat vehicles of the Neu Swabian League (NSL):

The miniature tanks and infantry are from Ground Zero Games:

The power plant is from JR Miniatures, while the bridge, used in both the WWII and sci-fi pictures is scratch built:

This terrain board was a little "too green" for me to pose my Arab & Israeli tanks, while my Greeks & Persians, along with my fantasy figures, have yet to be painted. Despite these historical and a-historical gaps, one can still see that some thing never change...


DeanM said...


Wow! That board is looking great. The river is very nice too. You've really improved upon the original. Speaking of Roman Seas, Adrian & I will be fleshing out the rules today (Thursday, 7/8/10) at my place. Once we have it down a bit, we'll surely send out the invite for a game. Dean

Stern Rake Studio said...

Thanks Dean! I've been wanting to play RS, but Eric Hotz's game was always a "sell-out performance" during Enfilade. Although, this year he didn't make it, which was a bummer.


DeanM said...


Adrian & I fleshed out the rules today - I think we got most of the basics down. Right now I only have the smaller 72 X 45" mat; so fielding larger fleets in 6mm (1/300th) gets very cramped. We think it should work good for 1/1200th scale. Anyway, I'll let you know in advance the next time we play it. Regards, Dean