Friday, September 11, 2009

What Drives My Writing?

In the October Issue of The Writer (Vol. 122, Issue 10, pg. 6), Editor Jeff Reich asked: "What drives your writing?"

Writers are divided into two camps. One set are the "happy campers," those who find writing to be an enjoyable experience.

And then there's folks like me who find splicing words together to be an onerous task.

So is it pleasure or pain that drives one to write?

Here's the answer I posted on the The Writer's online forum:

Years ago someone asked me why I like working out so much.

I replied, "I don't. I like finishing!"

This off-the-cuff remark turned out to be a key trait in my personality profile and work ethic. That is, I enjoy the results of being (relatively) lean and healthy, but on most mornings I trudge to the gym and my mood doesn't brighten until I'm half-way through my workout.

The same holds true for just about every other aspect in my life. I love a clean house, but consider cleaning a necessary evil.

With the "write every day" mantra it's easy for me to correlate writing with working out. In my mind the same rules apply whether it's for a fit body or strong prose.

So I'm usually not filled with joy over my work until someone has read it and I can feel a sense of accomplishment.

Mr. Reich's question intrigued me enough to actually post a reply in my first writer's forum. I could learn to like this...