Monday, July 27, 2009

Martians!!! Have Landed... your nearest game store!

You've fended off hordes of undead--or abandoned you buddies to their fate while you scurried to the helipad--in Twilight Creations Zombies!!!

Now it's time to defend your rural town from invasion by little green men from Mars.

Martians!!! appeared this month in hobby stores and on-line. This game is nearly identical in concept to the popular Zombies!!! series. That is, the playing area is generated randomly as players move about and combat occurs when a player's piece occupies the same square as a zombie/martian. Players win fights with the undead/alien invaders by rolling a 4-6 on a six-sided die (1d6).

At first glance there are two differences between the games.

First, in Zombies!!! the first person to reach the helipad or dispatch 25 zombies wins. While in Martians!!! the first player to reach the mothership once it lands, with 3 components to make a bomb in order to blow it up, or kills 30 martians wins.

The second difference deals with player cooperation, or lack thereof. Zombies!!! is what's called an FYB, or "Screw" Your Buddy game. After all there's only room for one in the inbound helicopter. There are several homespun rule variants incorporating team-play posted on line, but this isn't part of the core rules.

The Martians!!! rules on the other hand incorporates cooperative play so everyone can help gather the bomb materials to greet the mothership.

I haven't played this game yet, but since it's so much like it's undead predecessor, it promises to be fun.

No Twilight Creations game would be complete without over-the-top, morbidly funny artwork:

My aesthetic complaints are the bases of the player pieces are too small making the figures easy to tip over. This can possibly be remedied by gluing the player figures to wider counters or bases. Also the crop circle tokens are too dark and are merely black disks. Hopefully better tokens are available.

Despite these minor complaints, it's time to plug in your copy of Mars Attacks! and blast alien invaders!!

Ack! Ack! Ack!

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