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D&D PC: Thelanis Menelmacar, Elf Warrior

Striding through the wilds of The Forgotten Realms, Thelanis is represented by Wizards of the Coast Deep Shadow Elf, Collector # 14/72, of their Giants of Legend set.

Thelanis explores ancient ruins. (Another portal to Middle Earth?)

A fighter from Cormyr, Thelanis aspired to join the kingdom's Purple Dragon Knights (officers of the army). Unfortunately he was slandered by a rival who accused him of being a Zhentarim spy. Forced into exile he became an adventurer traveling throughout the Silver Marches.
Despite receiving news that his rival's accusations were false, there has been no word of a pardon by Cormyr's Regent, Princess Alusair Obarskyr. Alusair assumed the duties of Regent for the infant, King Azoun V, after his father and the red dragon Nalavarauthatoryl ("Devil Dragon") killed each other in battle. (See pages 111-116 of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, 3rd Edition).
Now Alusair and her sorceress advisor, Caladnei are tasked with rebuilding a nation and may have more urgent matters than the pardoning of one elf warrior.
In any case, Thelanis discovered he enjoyed the freedom of adventuring over a regimented military life. In his early travels he met-up with Mithdrake, the elf wizard. The elf-pair faced many challanges in the Silver Marches. After assaulting a hobgoblin fortress, Thelanis discovered Astalder, a magic sword forged to protect the helpless. Unfortunately, the discovery came at a high price, for Mithdrake was killed in the assault.
Eventually, Thelanis made his way to Blasingdell and along with Selinda the Bardess, helped the town militia drive-off a large party of orc raiders. The pair were soon joined by: Harkin, the Half-Elf Ranger; Pilga, the Half-Orc Cleric of Ilmater; Shem, the Halfling Sorcerer and a Dwarven Rogue, known to them only as "The Dwarf with no Name." (In actually he was Ondahl the Silent Killer).
The six then set out for Stone Tooth Mountain at the behest of Blasingdell's Elders. (See the previous post on Harkin). The party has yet to return...
Note: I rolled-up Thelanis way back in high school when I first started playing D&D 2nd Edition. He was my third character; the first two meeting untimely ends. So I'm afraid I can't remember all his "mighty feats" clearly enough to post here. It's been a long hiatus for this PC and was glad my DM friend allowed me to include him in the Silver Marches Campaign. However, since this campaign seems to have fallen by the wayside, maybe Thelanis and Harkin will emerge from Stone Tooth Mountain to take on the forces of evil that are plaguing the Forgotten Realms...

Thelanis Menelmacar's Stats
Campaign: Forgotten Realms Class: Fighter
Race: Male Elf Alignment: LG Level: 4
Height: 5'8" Weight: 150 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Blond
Initiative: +5 Base Attack: +4 Speed: 30
Saving Throws: Fort-4, Ref-2, Will-1
Attack Bonuses: Ranged +6, Melee +7
Abilities: Str-13, Dex-12, Con-11, Int-13, Wis-11, Cha-12
HP: 31 AC: 19
Special Abilities/Feats: Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Alertness
Skills (Trained): Climb, Handle Animal, Innuendo, Jump, Listen, Profession (Guide), Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim
Languages: Common, Elven, Damaran, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Turmic
Weapons: Mighty Composite Longbow (+1 to dmg), Magic Longsword Astalder (Elvish for "Valiant One," is +1 to hit/dmg; +3 to hit/dmg when defending unarmed/wounded beings), Silver Dagger
Armor: Elven Chainmail (+1), Shield (small, metal), Locked Gauntlet
Ammunition: 60 arrows, 10 silver arrows, 10 masterwork arrows
Equipment: Backpack, Tinderbox, Steel Mirror, Oil Flasks (x2), Sack, Bedroll, Whetstone, Flint & Steel, Paper & Ink, Sewing Needles, Thread, Signal Whistle, Chalk, Candles (x2), Waterskin, Belt Pouch, Spy Glass, Map Case, Tinder Twigs (x10), Soap, Silk Rope
Money/Treasure: Signet Ring, GP-225 on person, 1,500 held in family estate/lending house.
Companion Animals: 2 x heavy warhorses, Menelay ("Friday," male) and Valanya ("Saturday," female). These two were named after the days they were born.
Menelay's Attributes: Str-18, Dex-13, Con-17, Int-2, Wis-13, Cha-6
Menelay's Saving Throws: Fort-7, Ref-5, Will-2
Valanya's Attributes: Str-16, Dex-13, Con-16, Int-3, Wis-14, Cha-7
Valanya's Saving Throws: Fort-6, Ref-5, Will-3
Note: Astalder's power is similar to Townsaver, one of the magic swords in Fred Saberhagen's Books of Swords series.
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