Sunday, August 30, 2015

Con Cuisine

I actually brought a camera among all the other conference paraphernalia I carried to last month's PNWA Summer Conference.  However, it remained buried in my back pack throughout most of the event. 

One afternoon I accidently pulled it out while rummaging for a water bottle to wash down my lunch, pictured above.

Normally, I don't take photos of my food.  However, I thought this would make an interesting blogpost about typical "con cuisine." 

Such fare usually consists of a pre-made sandwich, a side dish choice of candy, chips, or fruit; along with a small drink.

This isn't a complaint, but merely an observation.  Conventions and conferences are packed with so much activities that meals, primarily lunches, are often an afterthought by everyone involved. 

Convention "Survival Guides" regularly remind attendees about the importance of good nutrition and staying hydrated to keep your energy level up--so you can participate in even more activities.

Bon Appetit!


DeanM said...

Looks like something the Air Force would give us on long flights :)!

Ted Henkle said...

Yes, we use to call them Boxed Nasties. :)