Friday, May 29, 2015

A Wargame Convention's Final Hour

Even though I was scheduled to work this past Memorial Day Weekend, I still registered for this year's NHMGS Enfilade!

This years game theme was:

The problem was, I was scheduled for night shift and there was more than the usual two-man crew scheduled to work day shift.  So it was impossible for me to switch with someone, as I did a few years ago.

But my cunning plan was to catch the final moments of Enfilade to check out the games, the vendors wares and pick over the remains of our group's famous Bring & Buy (B&B).

My morning nap was longer than I anticipated, plus I needed to refuel my Jeep and grab something to eat.  During this side trek, I realized I forgot my wad-o-cash, so had to divert back home.

By the time I arrived at the Red Lion Inn (Olympia), I literally caught the final hour of Enfilade.

And I do mean literally literally.

The Registration Desk and the B&B had shut down operations.  In order to get my t-shirt I had to chase down Al, who ran Registration.  He was willing to re-reimburse me $20, but I counter offered that I'd take an Enfilade! hat instead.

While I was disappointed on missing the B&B, I managed buy some micro-scale terrain from the Monday Knights.  I also bought a bunch of latex roads to replace the ones that mysteriously turned to goop as if it came through a malfunctioning Transporter Beam.  The manager (I'm afraid I didn't get his name), was very understanding.  He assured me they're now using a different goop-resistant latex, tossed-in a couple free roads, and shaved my Road Reconstruction bill down to an even $40.

I stumbled across a Reaper Miniatures Learn to Paint Kit from another vendor in the process of packing-up.  Since I bought a handful of Reaper's Bones Miniatures, I figured I needed all the help I could get at painting them to a decent level, so I purchased the kit before it was packed away.

My Final Hour Fly-By wasn't just a shopping spree.  I met my fellow NHMGS pals Gene Anderson and Scott Murphy, and spent some time chatting with them about this year's convention.

Even if I managed to arrive earlier than I did, I knew I wasn't going to be able to participate in any gaming.  However, I figured I could make a nuisance of myself and snap some pictures of Enfilade 2016's Final Hour.

Here's a glance at my walkabout:

Down-to-the-Wire Gaming, Part 1.
Down-to-the-Wire Gaming, Part 2.
DBA Action.  But are they using Version 3.0?
Bill Vanderpool orchestrates One Last Zulu Game.
The Siege of Castle Miser, by William Clark

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends!"

Scott William's The Curse of the Mummy reaches its climax.

David J. Kapaun commands the Sails of Glory mega-game, The Glorious First of June, 1794.

Ken Cassady signalling his teammates...

..."England expects every man to do his duty."
Ships of the line exchanging broadsides.

Players take to the air in Paul Grandstaff's Check Your Six, Cold War Battles

Scott Murphy introducing gamers to the Dark Side, I mean, Star Wars Armada.
"Rebel scum" attempt to take out an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Enfilade 2016 in the Works: 

I hope everyone enjoyed Enfilade 2015!

Dave Mebust uploaded an Enfilade 2016 on Facebook a couple days ago, so you can let folks know if you're planning on attending and can even send out invites to your friends.

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend for more than an hour next year.  

However, until my work schedule is finalized, I'm in the "Maybe" Category.


David Sullivan said...

Sorry you missed all but one hour of the convention, Ted. But you made up for it in the intensity of the the hour you were able to make. I hope you can get the full weekend next year.

David Sullivan said...

Although the title of your post seems ominous...

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks David! I was glad I could at least see the tail-end of this year's Enfilade.
I wanted an eye-catching title for my post. :)