Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Tropes and Tribulations of Playing Twilight Imperium

(Image from:  Clever Move Games)
As I was trolling the internet conducting research for our next Twilight Imperium (TI3) game, I stumbled across one of my own pictures on Matthew Gravelyn's article on learning a new game (painful vs painless).
I still chuckle when I look at the photo of Jason and Ken, wondering if they're contemplating their next cunning plan--or hoping to get mercifully wiped out so they can leave. 
TI3 is a good example of Painful/Painless Learning Curve.  Despite game's size, there's not a lot of rules, at least in terms of page-length.  The complexity becomes apparent when players try to employ a game-winning strategy.
Which can make the game fun, or frustrating, depending on how you view TI3.
One of the methods Fantasy Flight Games employed to make the game so appealing was the overdose of tropes; which in this case are metaphors and clichés borrowed from sci-fi movies, TV shows, or literature. 
However, sometimes it takes more than an amusing association for players to sit through a grueling galactic game-a-thon.
TI3 has been known to cause fractures in friendships, couples to split and tables to be overturned.
Don't believe me?
Check out the comments in this Reddit article:  Boardgames? Hey, how about Twilight Imperium, 7-12 hours of trusting no one
My suggestion:  Even though the fate of the table-top galaxy is at stake, don't take TI3 too seriously.
Now I just have to remember my own advice when my forces are wiped out and my planets fall under new management.

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