Thursday, September 18, 2014

Social Gathering with Seattle's Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers

(Image:  The Seattle Space Needle and Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum)
This past Saturday, I invited myself  was invited to the monthly gathering of the Seattle Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers group (SF2W).  Actually, I've been receiving newsletters for the past several months, but haven't been able to attend until now.

It's an informal group, whose origins date back almost a year ago at the Northwest Bookfest.

The Prime Directive of meetings are social, with no personal business agendas permitted.

One of the members followed-up on a previous suggestion to provide "Hello, My Name Is" name tapes for everyone.  So it was easy for everyone to actually remember each others' names.

However, out of the 10 of us, I only know the full names of the following writers:

Django Wexler, co-founder and meeting coordinator.

Janine Southard, our hostess for the day.

And Casey Blair.

We talked about upcoming conventions, such as next month's Geek Girl Con, various comic cons, writers conferences and even "Outdoor Trek."

While no one made any elevator pitches, folks did talk about their good, bad & ugly experiences with certain websites, on-line stores, e-book pricing and computer programs.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover nearly everyone is involved in some aspect of gaming; whether computer games, boardgames, miniatures, or role playing games (RPGs).

I had an enjoyable time, loved meeting new people, and I look forward to attending future gatherings--with my usual caveat of:  Work schedule permitting.

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