Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zero Chemistry Couples

(Promotional Image for Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones)
It's been a long time since I posted anything about writing, mainly because I've been working on gaming projects, and finishing-up some post-Enfilade material.  While working on said projects and material a few days ago, this article on bad movie couples caught my attention.

I've only seen three of the "Bottom 17" mentioned in this article.  Two of them, Speed 2: Cruise Control and The Matrix (the first movie only), I didn't mind so much.  But by far, the worst couple chemistry has to be Padme and Anakin Skywalker.  Even in Star Wars: The Clone Wars...

(Image from Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
...these two are fingernails-scratching-the-chalkboard painful to watch. 
In fact, similar "Mismatched Pair" lists I've read, gave Anakin and Padme First Prize as the most cringe-worthy couple on the silver screen.
While I could go on and on about these two Star Wars-crossed lovers,  the point I'm really trying to make here is this:  On-screen/screenplay romance can be difficult to portray in a genuine fashion.   It's very easy to fall into stereotypes, tropes and clich├ęs. 
One of the leading writing mantras is:  Write what you know. 
And since I know very little about romance, I'll stick to honing my craft writing stuff like this...
(Image by Kai Lim)
...before attempting to conjure-up anything like this:
(Image by Isabella Morawetz)
I'm in no hurry to usurp Anakin and Padme from their high throne. 
Oh, it's not that I'm shying away from the sizzling stuff, though.  I just need a ton bit of help when it comes to writing romance. 
So while I'm working on my military-style mayhem, I'll do my romantic research on the side.  At any writers conference I attend, if there's a Sex & Romance Workshop of any type being offered--I'm there--in the front row. 
I also follow such blogs as the Romance Magicians, and I've actually become a fan of Jane Austen-based web series, like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
I'll just be sure to run any romantic ramblings by my writing peers first...
...The Studio will now return to its regularly scheduled Anakin & Padme bashing:
(Image from: Georgette's World )

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