Tuesday, December 18, 2012

YouTube Movie #28: Duel in the Dust

(Image:  Renegade Legion graffiti on TOG Edifice)
Setting up for the third and final game I hosted at this year's Enfilade was a bit more involved.  In addition to the micro-armor tanks, I had to stow the middle eastern style buildings and dig out something more sci-fi-ish.  The scenario was based on the Distant Fire Supplement from the Renegade Legion Series, while the figures I used were from Renegade Legion: Centurion; Blood & Steel.
While I've played Centurion a time or two and like the rules (although a bit on the detailed side), I used Future War Commander (FWC) for the last game session.  FWC uses similar game mechanics as Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC) and Cold War Commander (CWC).  I wanted to keep the mental gymnastics to a minimum.
By the time I was ready to host this game, it was dinner time, which meant wolfing down a cold sandwich and washing it down with a soda.  We finished just before 11 PM and I was just as busy in my gamemastering duties as I was in the previous game sessions.
But I did manage to take enough pictures to splice together a 3:30 minute film:  Duel in the Dust.

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