Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lord of the Rings RPG PC: Borgil of Bree

Answering the muster of the Dunedain, Borgil is represented by Wizards of Coast Freeleague Ranger, Collector # 14/60, from their Blood War set.

Borgil explores ancient ruins found between Fornost and Bree. This Hilltop Temple was orignally part of Geo-Hex's Battleground Set. Geo-Hex went out of business in 2003, but the Hilltop Temple is available from Monday Knight Productions:

1st Level Warrior

After escorting a caravan to Fornost, Borgil receives a message from a fellow Dunedain, a mysterious ranger known only as "Strider."
The message reads: Meet me at the Inn of the Prancing Pony.

Borgil sets off the next morning but runs into trouble along the way...

(Note: A friend of mine was going to run a Lord of the Rings RPG campaign, so with his help I rolled-up this character. However, shortly after creating my PC, he moved and we haven't been able to connect. So Borgil has yet to start his adventures.)
Borgil's Stats
Race: Male Dunedain Age: 25 Size: Medium Hair: Red Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 190 lbs
Corruption: 0 Courage: +4 Renown: 0
Init: +5 Defense: +12
Languages: Common, Westron, Sindarin
Attributes: Bearing 10, Nimbleness 10, Perception 8, Strength 8, Vitality 10, Wits 8
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +4, Willpower +2, Wisdom +2
Order Abilities: Evasion

Edges: Warwise, Lionhearted, Wary
Skills (Trained): Armed Combat-3, Climb-1, Healing-2, Inspire-2, Intimidate-1, Jump-1, Observe-1, Ranged Combat-3, Ride-2, Run-1, Stealth-2, Survival-1, Track-1, Unarmed Combat-2
Regional Lore (Intermediate): Mordor, Rhudaur, Moria, Misty Mountains

Weapons: Longbow w/quiver & 20 arrows, Longsword
Armor: Chainmail, Shield
Equipment & Gear: Backpack, Blanket, Clothes (ordinary), Rope, Waterskin, Torch, Travel Rations (1 week)
Wealth: 11 Copper Pieces
Ancestors of Note: It is rumored that one of Borgil's ancestors was Isildur's standard bearer. No proof of this has yet been found.

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